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“BHAGAWAN SWAMINARAYAN” – this word is simple to chant but it has very deep meaning. It is a combination of 4 elements . . . .

3. NAR,
4. AYAN.
BHAGAWAN means Lord Swaminarayan bears six types of BHAGAS means Aishwaryas i.e. Superhuman Powers. They are – Power of: i. Vision i.e. Door Darshan, He can see anything from any distance, ii. Audition i.e. Door Shravan, He can hear any sound from any distance, iii. Cogitation, iv Discrimination, v. Omniscience and vi. Power of assuming forms at will. If you analytically study PARCHA PRAKRAN of Bhaktachintamani you will find these six powers in any form.. Because He was God upon the earth.

SWAMI means – i. Lord Swaminarayan is Omnipresent i.e. all objects sentient and non-sentient are pervaded by Him. This means He is Sarva Vyapak. By this aspect He controls the entire forces of universes. ii. He is omnipotent i.e. Sarva Antaryami means including Muktas(the liberated souls remain in proximity of God Supreme) all are subservient to Him. iii. He is Omniscient i.e. all objects including Akshar Brahman derive power of thinking, knowledge and action from Him. All the Incarnations manifest at His will. iv. He is Ek Meva Dwitiyam means One without Second. He is the source behind all Incarnations and He is the source of inspiration and power for all Muktas.

NAR + AYAN, NAR means the mass of realized souls and AYAN means progress towards the goal. So Bhagawan Swaminarayan makes infinite souls travel the path of Bliss i.e. Akshardham.

So, by understanding this in details you will have real knowledge about Lord Swaminarayan. Repeated pondering of these aspects will make you lead the path of Bliss and proximity of Bhagawan Swaminarayan – The all mighty – Bestower of Bliss.