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When a person is born, he is born with the microcosm of God and with some condensed energy emanating from that microcosm. But when many persons leave this gross body, their souls instead of flying like the bullet are lost like the lifeless casing of the cartridge.

Most of the time human life is subjected to extroversion and so ample time is wasted on searching happiness from the external objective world. Some are after wealth, some are after fame and some are after worldly love. It is really surprising that some persons, who seek spiritual liberation, are also seeking the same in the external objective world!

When our energy i.e. life force starts flowing outward, it is transformed into Vasana - intense desires for alluring objects of pleasure and that makes our inclinations for worldly objects stronger and stronger. But if the same energy resorts to introversion through Pranayam and meditation and it begins to flow inward, there arises Upasana – selfless devotion and communion to the divine form of God Supreme.

A person becomes truly enlightened and spiritual when he seeks for Bliss within. The deeper a person dives in his heart, the more he enjoys on the surface. The question is of diving within.

The spiritual practice of Pranayam leads us inward and downward to the depth and as a result success rises upward. See the flowers blooming on the very tall tree but their source of strength lies in the roots that go downward. Meditation leads a person deep, down within. As a result of this a person rises to the crest of divine bliss experienced through the realization of the self and that of the Supreme.

When the purpose of life is to move from the lower to higher plane then you are on the path of spirituality. In short the practice that leads to something eternal and everlasting is called SPIRITUAL.