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The cosmos moves in a definite pattern, with mathematical precision, in a certain pre-chartered, abstract direction and like the zero hour, its destination is the same as its starting point.

The river flows through the mountain, to the plains to fertilize the fields on its banks, reaches the ocean to merge with it and helps the aquatic beings to keep alive, rises up in the sky to form clouds and again reaches the mountain to start the cycle once more.

A star goes expanding and expanding till it can expand no more. Then it starts contracting progressively till it becomes a pin-point size speck and expanding again till it becomes a star.
The same is the case with infinite numbers of souls who move like stars in the universe. All of them enjoy their freedom and shine as if they are smiling. But as they come in touch with Maya (the illusory material plane), the picture changes. Affected and infected by Maya, they lose their freedom and become subjected to the laws of Karma. Then they have to assume bodies and perform their respective Karmas. So, the cycle of births and deaths starts and in every species the soul is encased and it has to go on suffering right from birth till death. Phases of happiness make the suffering more agonizing by contrast.

When a person meets a Guru, the Guru guides him to the right path and frees him from the clutches of Maya and the soul again starts moving towards the ‘Destination’ of freedom and inherent light in Akshardham, the abode of God, the abode of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagawan. Here, Maya can no more open her mouth to gulp the soul and can no more show her heart curdling clutches. Here she cannot tempt any soul.

The literature of Swaminarayan way of life is as vast as the biggest iceberg. What we see in print is only a microscopic part of what has been written by saints who were contemporary to Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan.

A Sanskrit verse says:

Infinite are the scriptures.
Infinite are the branches of knowledge.
Life span is too short.
And many are the obstacles, so, follow only the essence.
Like the swan that separates, milk from water.

You must reach the goal of your life i.e. Akshardham. We look upon you as a hero.

Across the snowy mountains.
Across the teeming stars.
Across the heaven unknown.
The hero has no bars.